A Brief Guide to Midheaven Capricorn in Your Birth Chart

What does it mean if you have Midheaven Capricorn in your birth chart? What planets and what house does this signify? Midheaven is the tenth house from the other side of the sky, your fortunetelling “house.” The tenth symbolizes self-worth and personal goals. When Midheaven is in Capricorn, you feel your goals are more important than anything else. You want to become a leader, a high achiever, and successful. You want to make your mark on the world.

You are also very ambitious and know how hard work and determination can pay off. You might have been born into a family of leaders (parents or grandparents) and have learned from them early on the benefits of hard work and good education. You are a disciplined person who wants to excel and make a name for yourself. If you are a midheaven capricorn, you are also very careful in choosing your friends and associates.

Nature of People with Midheaven Capricorn –

Dependable, Honest, And Steady

You believe in following rules, principles, and laws. You will work hard and be very disciplined. You want to make a name for yourself and become famous, or someone people remember long after you have passed away.

You are very principled and ethical, not satisfied with mediocrity or half measures. When you find something essential to do or something important to you, you righteously follow it through to completion. But, unfortunately, it can make your pain for those around you who don’t share your high standards.

Want To Be Leaders

  • You want to stand out, be in the limelight and earn a good place in history. So you like being a leader or a manager.
  • You want to make decisions and be in charge. So to you, the idea of working under someone is not appealing at all.
  • You are also very independent, not always appreciated by those around you who want help and guidance.

Highly Responsible

With midheaven capricorn, you expect others to observe high standards in their work and be responsible for their actions. As a result, you might be judgmental and critical, especially of yourself and those close to you. If your parents were hard on you growing up, you would follow in their footsteps.

Excellent Taste

  • You have excellent taste in everything. You also have very high standards for aesthetics, art, and beauty.
  • You might have an artistic streak or be an expert in the arts. You like the finer things and will not settle for anything less than the best.
  • You might even be a collector of fine things or art. You have high hopes and dreams in all areas of your life, career, family, and finances.


If you have Midheaven Capricorn, you have difficulty understanding that not everyone can be as responsible and disciplined as you can. You want everyone to step up to your standards. People might fear and respect you for your high standards and relentless drive to succeed. But they will also think of you as judgmental, critical, picky, and demanding.

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