Top 5 Best Piano Games on a Computer

Top 5 Best Piano Games on a Computer

Do you regret not playing any musical instrument at this point in your life? But learning can be done at any stage of life. What about a piano? A piano is a musical instrument used to produced different types of music when a key is pressed. Pianos are usually expensive, and a person only wishes to buy it if he/she wants to make a career in this field.

If you don’t have a piano and if you don’t want to purchase it, there is always an alternate method for everything. Virtual pianos are one of the alternative options which are entirely free and it is best to use it on a computer.  A virtual piano on computer can be easily downloaded and installed without any high prior technical knowledge. There is plenty of software available on the internet, which simulates a real piano with 88 keys and many more features.


In this article, we will provide you with the top 5 best piano games on the computer with brief information.

Everyone Piano

It is a virtual piano software for computers designed to work from the computer’s keyboard. It gives you a complete experience of a real piano on a computer, entirely free of cost. In this software, you can record your music, and later if you wish to make any changes, you can do it freely. It also provides support for numbered musical notation learning.

A73 Piano Station

This virtual software helps you to play the piano on a computer by just using a mouse cursor and keyboard. The significant feature of this software is that it lets you play other instruments such as violin, flute, etc. The user interface of this software is simple and easy to use and has a 6 octave piano keyboard.

The Piano Player

This piano game is designed for anybody interested in learning the piano. This game has four levels, and as we increase the scale, the difficulty increases. At the first level, you will be guided to use the piano through this game because at this level the keys are labeled. As the level increases, the labels are removed and notes are added beyond the basic note This game is very simple to play.

Note Card

In this game, it has some unique features such as you can test yourself by recognizing the keys on the piano. You get your score based on your performance, and you can save it in your account. This game monitors your progress, and you can work according to it.

Zebra Keys Piano Keyboard Trainer

Zebra Keys Piano Keyboard Trainer has a different approach to make you fluent on piano. It highlights a key on the keyboard, and you must choose the letter corresponding to it. This approach makes anyone learn the piano


So, if you are not able to purchase a real piano and you are very enthusiastic about playing the piano, you can try these games which are mentioned above in this article. Piano games have made it more accessible and more comfortable for beginners to learn the piano at any time and everywhere free of cost. This helps them to enhance their knowledge and makes it easier to switch to a real piano if they wish to.

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