Which dog should you get? – Dog Breed Selection Guide

Which dog should you get? – Dog Breed Selection Guide

Do you want to get a dog? Are you confuse about which dog breed to choose? If your answer is YES then this article will surely help you. There are total no. of 360 dog breeds available. All dogs have their very own special personality, however, there are a number of instincts and behaviors they’re born with.

Dogs are active animals who love exploring, playing, and singing, but additionally, it is really important for them to get enough rest and good food. There are several unique types of beds like large dog bed and small beds for poodles available in the market for every dog breeds. In case you watch your pet Sleep you’ll notice that they enter into a lot of different positions: stretched Out, curled upward, on their back – even on their belly using their thighs Stretched in other directions like Superman! Same applicable in case of dog foods.

Now let’s see some of the best dog breeds.

Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers

Height of this breed is 57-62 cm for male and for female, it is 55–60 cm

The weight of this breed is 29-36 Kg for males and for females it is 25-32 Kg.

Life Expectancy of this breed is approx 10-14 years.

The intelligent Labrador Retriever is America’s number one breed registered by the American Kennel Club. Much non-dog individuals can recognize a Lab, and photographers and artists have recorded their image innumerable times, usually as the true companion, waiting patiently by their proprietor. Built for the game, the Lab is athletic and muscle. They have a quick, easy-care coating, friendly demeanor, keen intelligence, and tons of energy. Devotion to the breed works deep; Labs are loving, people-oriented dogs who live to serve their own families, and fans and owners sometimes liken their Labs to angels.

German Shepherd Dog

Germen Shepherd

Height of this breed is approx 24-26 inches (for male) and 22-24 inches ( for female)

Weight of this breed is approx 65-90 pounds (for male) and 50-70 pounds (for female)

Life Expectancy of this breed is approx 7-10 years.

There are a lot of reasons why German Shepherds stand at the front position of canine royalty, but pros state their defining characteristic is personality: dedication, courage, confidence, the ability to find commands for all endeavors, and also the willingness to get their own life on the line in defense of family members. German Shepherds will be household pets and loyal guardians.

Poodle Dog


Height of Toy Poodle: 24 – 28 cm

Height of Miniature Poodle: 28 – 35 cm

Height of Standard Poodle: 45 – 60 cm

Height of Medium Poodle: 35 – 45 cm

Life Expectancy of this breed is approx. 12-15 years.

Poodles are regarded among the very intelligent breeds on the planet. They truly are highly trainable and well fitted to nearly any task you put them and you will want to provide them with tasks to do. Bored Poodles may get dangerous should they’re not emotionally stimulated. But busy owners that are able to meet with the Poodle’s needs are going to get a loving, smart, trainable, and loyal family companion.

Yorkshire Terrier Dog

Yorkshire Terrier

Height of this breed is 18-23 cm

Life Expectancy of this breed is approx 13-16 years.

The Yorkshire Terrier is among the tiniest dog breed of terrier type, and of any dog breed. The breed acquired during the 19th century at Yorkshire, England. Ideally, its maximum size is 7 pounds (3.2 kg). A popular companion dog, the Yorkshire Terrier has also been part of this maturation of other strains, such as the Silky Terrier. It has a gray, black, and tan coating, and also the breed’s nickname is Yorkie. Yorkshire Terriers are very energetic and lively dogs. Lots of men and women that possess a Yorkie for a pet have two because they frequently have separation anxiety when left alone and “they don’t really love being lonely.”

German Shorthaired Pointer

German Shorthaired Pointer

Height of this breed is 58-64 cm for male and for female, it is 53–59 cm

The weight of this breed is 25-32 Kg for males and for females it is 20-27 Kg.

Life Expectancy of this breed is approx 12-14 years.

This type of breed is just a moderate to a large-sized variety of dog developed in the 19th century in Germany to get hunting. A Flexible hunting breed, being an all-purpose gun strain of dog acceptable for both land and water, He/She is streamlined yet powerful having strong legs that make them able to maneuver rapidly and twist fast. They reasonably extended floppy ears set on top of the mind. Their eyes are generally brown, with darker eyes desirable; yellow or “bird of prey” eyes are an error.

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