4 Types Of Drilling Machines that used majorly

4 Types Of Drilling Machines that used majorly

Drilling machines are tools that have a rotating sharp part of the bores holes through the walls. They are vital for several industries such as masonry, construction, manufacturing, metalworking and oil drilling, etc. Different industries use different types of drilling machines such as hand drill, push drill, pistol-grip drill, and hammer drill.

They can bore holes into many types of surfaces such as wood, metal, plastic, rock, and composites. Apart from boring holes into surfaces, drilling machines can be used for other kinds of work such as spotfacing, reaming, countersinking, counterboring and tapping, etc. This tool is key to getting right-sized holes. Let’s look at some of the common types of drilling machines.

The four important categories are upright sensitive, upright, radial, and special purpose drilling machines. All of these machines perform all the basic functions but as the name suggests, each one performs special purposes too.

Upright sensitive drilling machine

This one uses a belt drive spindle head. One can feed this machine into the target piece by hand. The operator will feel the cutting action. There are two available orientations – the bench style and the floor style. This machine is perfect for light to moderate duty work. Don’t forget sensitive is its middle name so handle accordingly.

Pistol-grip drills

This one is the most commonly used machine. They are the corded electric drills which you will find in most homes and hardware stores. These are shaped like pistols and the trigger switch starts the motor. The motor begins the chuck and bit to spin in continuous revolutions.

This type is used to drill holes in the walls mostly for household purposes such as holes to hang things and countersink holes. Countersink holes are screw-shaped and are bored into the walls before the screws are drilled in. This measure prevents the splintering of the plastic or the wood bit around the head of the screw.

They are available in the battery-powered version as well. Although it is more expensive than the traditional ones, it makes it easier for the user to move around. One does not have to worry about tripping on cable or a power cut ruining the day’s work. Check out it’s complete in-depth review at drilling-it.com

Upright drilling machine

This one uses a geared drive spindle head. One can feed this machine into the wall either manually or automatically depending on the use. To feed it automatically, the machine comes with an automatic table-raising mechanism. This machine is perfect for those operations that require large holes.

Radial Arm Drilling Machine

This machine is much-in-demand because of its radial orientation. Its unique orientation provides versatility to the user especially when it comes to hard, large, and difficult surfaces. It allows the operator to manipulate the tool over the target workpieces and making it safe and convenient for the operator. It can also be coupled with several other tools such as tilting table, trunnion table, etc.

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