How to properly Disinfect salon before reopening in COVID-19?

How to properly Disinfect salon before reopening in COVID-19?

The world is courageously facing the global pandemic. The novel coronavirus has already made a drastic change in our lifestyle. Isn’t it a bit annoying being shut inside? The continuous lockdown had utterly stopped all the salons from opening considering the high risk of virus spread through them.

Many of the countries like Germany, Australia, etc. had already lifted the complete shutdown of salons. But it’s not that feasible a thought! The government strictly recommends the owners to follow safety guidelines in disinfecting and maintaining social distance.

The public, especially men, are rushing to beauty Inland Empire Bridal Hair salons for a hair cut! So what are the means to be taken to sterilize them adequately?

Cleaning of Salon

  1. Disinfect high touchpoints

Cleaning staff should be appointed to continuously and thoroughly disinfect the doorknobs, electric switches, chair handles, taps, credit card machines, etc.

  1. Gather maximum essential items

Considering the enhanced number of customers, the salons should stock essential items like masks, sanitizers, cleaning wipes, gloves, suits, hand wash, etc.

  1. Turn off the AC

It’s better to switch off the air conditioners for a while and keep the doors wide open to avoid contact with door handles and knobs. As the new studies prove that COVID-19 infected nine people by merely sitting near the air-conditioning vent in Wuhan, China.

Always keep the windows open so that the room is ventilated.

  1. Remove magazines

The magazines and newspapers kept for collective use should be removed and crowding in the reception area should be avoided.

  1. Disinfect the equipment

Make sure that all types of equipment including scissors, trimmer, comb, etc. are sterilized after each use.

  1. Hygiene of staff

Make sure that all the staff disinfects their hands continuously. Ask them to wear a uniform and a separate pair of footwear inside the salon.

  1. Strictly no face mask/ facials.

Salons are strictly instructed not to provide face mask/facials, eyebrow threading, etc. due to the high risk of virus spread. So you will have to wait longer for these self-pampering services.

  1. Make cashless transaction

It’s safe on making bill payments cashless via g-pay, PhonePe, UPI, etc., so there is no need for disinfecting the currency notes.

  1. Background check of the customer

On making the appointment itself, the salon receptionist should make sure that the customer is not in quarantine or a family member of the quarantined person.

Always ask them not to visit the salon on having the symptoms of cough, fever, etc.

  1. No face mask, no service!

“No mask, no service” should be the policy taken to ensure the safety of the public. As wearing masks has turned mandatory, people without masks should not be allowed in the salon.

  1. 50% of staff at a time

The best way for social distancing is through making the employees work on alternate days. Only half of the staff should work at a time ensuring the safety of both customers as well as the workers.

  1. Home service

Australia has already allowed salon services at home. It’s is not a new way, but the pandemic has popularised the home service. The safety of the worker is at high risk as being overexposed, but safety measures can make the work convenient.


  • Make an appointment beforehand and reach on time.
  • “NAMASTE” is better than a handshake!
  • Check the body temperature of both staff and customers before entering the salon. Do not allow anyone with symptoms of cough, fever, etc.
  • Make sure that the customer wears a safety mask.
  • Provide sanitizer or hand wash on the entrance.
  • NO more than 3-4 customers at a time inside the salon [the number can be changed according to the size of the salon]
  • Minimize conversation and focus on the faster completion of work
  • Initiate digital payment.

So these steps shouldn’t be stopped when the pandemic ends; this is to be continued for a hygiene and safe salon experience.

Covid-19 is not just a pandemic; it pauses questions to our age-old unhygienic practices and paves the way for a change!  Let us begin the change.



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