In recent past years, it has been observed that corporates have shifted from the conventional methods of marketing towards marketing on digital platforms. Companies have also significantly increased their digital marketing budgets. Earlier, the traditional marketing methods consisted of advertising through print media like newspapers and magazines, printing and distributing pamphlets, advertisements through large hoardings, billboards, and posters, etc.

These methods have now been taken over by a more contemporary means of marketing, termed digital marketing or you can call it as שיווק באינטרנט (Online Marketing). This shift has taken place due to the host of advantages digital technique of marketing has over conventional process, some of which are listed below:

Wider reaches to the audience: It is evident that if a company installs a billboard to advertise their product, only a small number of people will notice it. The reach of the billboard is subjected to people in a small locality around the billboard.

However, if a company advertises its products using a digital platform, it is going to be noticed by a large number of people who are active on that platform. In today’s times, with internet availability to a more comprehensive section of the population, the traffic on digital platforms has seen enormous growth and is on the rise. Corporates can cash in on this aspect to their advantage and advertise digitally.

Low cost of advertising:  It is accounted that the cost of marketing through a digital platform is far less than that of the older marketing methods. Digital advertisement doesn’t require the cost of maintenance and reoccurrence of such publications as in the print media or billboards. Advertising the products online is just a one-time investment, and it has more extended longevity than offline advertisements.

Creative and engaging method of advertising:  Digital marketing is far superior to conventional marketing methods in terms of creativity and their engagingness. A digital marketeer can use a host of computer graphics and animations to make their advertisement more attractive and engaging for their audience. The conventional method of advertising is a static process in which creativity used in ads is limited.

These were some of the many advantages that digital marketing has over the older methods of advertising and it is not surprising that taking this superiority of digital marketing into account, companies are shifting to these contemporary methods of marketing.

Along with companies and corporates, many professionals are emerging in the field of digital marketing which provides numerous attractive digital marketing solutions to brands for their promotion which wasn’t the case until as recent as ten years ago.

Digital marketing has put sales charts through the roof of many organizations, and their profitability has increased many folds, which are the ultimate goal of advertisements by corporations.

It is a proven fact that digital marketing is a revolution in itself as it is helping in the overall upliftment of all sections of society, is considered to be the system for the future and is here to stay for a very long time.

I believe AI, automation, and every day new tech will change our future. He works as a Tech Journalist at AndroidTaskForce and has a significant craze for smartphones and laptops.

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