Top 6 Sites to Get Best SEO Tips and Guides

Top 6 Sites to Get Best SEO Tips and Guides

An SEO or search engine optimization is a certified program that allows you to study the various aspects of SEO. There are different courses available that are specialized in On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, etc.

It provides an additional qualification that you can enjoy. By joining these courses, you can become an expert in SEO through advanced SEO training.

Why should you go for an SEO course?

SEO is a set of various techniques designed to make sure the content you create is correct and ready to be judged.

SEO rules always keep changing according to the Google guidelines. That is why SEO certifications and courses are made. so, go through them as they tend to be updated regularly.

This is an investment that makes sure about your product or website’s sharpness as much as possible. Thus, it provides more visibility.

You can go for the following SEO certifications and courses to stay updated.


Stay tuned to know about the best SEO certifications and courses.

1. SEMrush Academy

SEMrush is one of the best academies that also provides tools for SEO specialists.

It offers courses such as content marketing, SMM, PPC, and SEO. The courses mentioned above cover almost everything that you need to know to become a master in SEO. The classes are updated regularly as the academy introduces new features.

The best thing about SEMrush Academy is that you can join any course free of cost.

Isn’t that amazing?

2. The SEO Playbook

The SEO Playbook is one of the best SEO training program available online. This training program is made for all SEO practitioners. The students get access to many SEO professionals.

If you want to build good SEO training skills, then you should check out The SEO Playbook.

3. Yoast SEO training

Yoast’s SEO courses teach you about several aspects of SEO.

The SEO training provided is updated and complete. There are many courses available such as SEO for WordPress, SEO copywriting training, etc.

They provide a free course for beginners. The prices of courses may vary.

4. JasonSheffer Group

If you are looking for genuine digital marketing guides and tips with experience and search optimization strategies and tips, including in-depth keyword research, content, on-page optimization, and link building services then is the platform you should check out.

5. Detailed SEO Blueprint

It teaches you about all aspects of SEO, such as link building, content marketing, and much more.

Detailed SEO Blueprint is based on real-world experience and not just fluff or theory. You are allowed to discuss any of the aspects of training by commenting under videos.

6. MOZ- an SEO training course

Moz is the finest and most dependable supply of SEO. You can join their courses and learn about Keyword Research, Reporting on SEO, Link Building, etc. You can likewise go for customized SEO preparing in which you get the opportunity to assemble an SEO group. Moz will give them stunning altered preparation. The prices vary for several courses and training.


These are some of the best online SEO courses that you can join in building your skills and increasing your knowledge. Most of these courses are free of cost, and you can go for it without any second thought. I promise that you won’t regret it.

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