Top 5 Software/Tools to Colorized Black & White Photos

Top 5 Software/Tools to Colorized Black & White Photos

The transition from monochromatic days to colorful rainbows, technology has traversed several perpetual changes. A photograph is a pedigree to store all the jolly good memories that one has been making since birth. In the late 1800s, black and white pictures were the only source to capture an image.

After Lipmann Gabriel’s development in 1891, naturally colored pictures found their way into the trend. This metamorphosis has bought a massive change in the entertainment industry. After developing several devices and tools at present, we live in an era where we can colorize black and white photos or vice-versa.

Software that can be used to re-color images is:

  • By using Adobe Photoshop – The technology has crossed several thresholds and is constructed on Artificial Intelligence. It offers mechanical tools that involve several procedures in re-coloring a black and white picture. The resolution of the image after colorizing is unchanged and well preserved.
  1. It can easily spot colors on display during the bi-tone mode.
  2. Myriad of color setting options for grayscale to colors.
  3. The black channel helps in preventing any peculiarities.
  • By using Algorithmia – It is algorithm-based software that brings monochromatic images to life.
  1. The process typically involves less time and is easy to understand.
  2. The software is available online, so it becomes more viable instead of downloading.
  3. Leave a watermark.
  • Using the Colorize photo – It is an online portal where one has to colorize the photo manually by identifying the elements from the image and using the toolbox.
  1. It is available for free.
  2. Ensures detailed work as the process is manual.
  3. Preserves the size of the picture.
  • By using Lunapic – An online portal is serving the needs of an editor. It uses special gradient tools to color black and white pictures.
  1. Highly preferable for duotone pictures.
  2. Leaves no watermark.
  3. Has an in-built sharing feature.
  4. Typically involves less time for editing a picture.
  • Using Pixbim – The most recommended software based on Artificial Intelligence automatically transforms the black and white picture to color in a few steps.
  1. The quality of the image more than persevered. It can be converted into much higher quality.
  2. It has an exclusive AI enlarge feature to upscale to details.
  3. A trial free version is available to savor the taste.
  4. It is easy and trouble-free.

Many historical photos and photos of some reflecting moments from the earlier eras are kept in black and white. These software’s will be of great use to bring life to those images. Human beings relate the experience to color. A person’s mood is communicated with the right color scheme. Colorizing the black and white photos adds more drama and authenticity to the image. Warm colors give serene views to the eyes of the beholder.

Though black and white pictures accentuate the old times. Some people still prefer monochromatic images to relive those old memories, the “pause.” Moreover, convert images to black and white where the context, texture, or form of the image is more compelling than the tinctures.

I believe AI, automation, and every day new tech will change our future. He works as a Tech Journalist at AndroidTaskForce and has a significant craze for smartphones and laptops.

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