What Are The Different Method Of Medical Waste Management?

Bio-medical waste management should be harmful for humans, animals and environment. Medical waste can create infections, diseases and high contamination. Some useful steps of medical waste management can help to make people stay away from all these dangers.

Administration of every nation should made proper rules and regulations for every individuals. These rules should be implemented as quickly as possible and hence some kind of campaign should be organized to make clinic staff, nurses, dental staff and all other medical staff educated.

Medical waste management is a type of waste, that is generated while diagnosis, curing and immunization of people.

Incineration of Medical Waste

Incineration of medical waste is the process of burning all the waste material that is thrown by the hospitals, medical and other areas. Bio-medical waste is a kind of biohazard pollutant that spread diseases. If in a city, the situation of medical waste is went out of control then there is a high risk of causing harmful environment and risking of health.

Mostly the problem of medical waste incineration is increased due to the higher temperature. Medical waste incineration can be controlled before releasing the gas into the air.

Chemical Disinfectants of Medical Waste

This process of medical waste management cannot be able to kill all the bad particles that come in touch with other microorganisms. With the help of this process of medical waste management all non-living bacteria and objects are applied to living tissues.

Microwave Irradiation of Medical Waste

Microwave irradiation step is used to cure wastage of water sludge or to treat the medical waste that is produced via heat source. This process is also used in the front-end shredding of the disposal. Because to decrease the amount of volume in the end of waste material and to rise the ability of microwave treatment.

The operation of microwave irradiation is only work when it has waste in the water. Radiation only work on the water, not on solid wastes particles. Due to this, curing units are supplied along with humidifier.

Land Disposal of Medical Waste

This method of medical waste is generally used to disposal the solid waste into the ground. Land Disposal process of medical waste material can be categorized into many different ways such as dumping the medical waste in the open site. After that, clean that site with the help sanitizing.

Most of the under developing countries follow the process of land disposal method to reduce the problem of medical waste. Many times, this facility can collect the feature and to detach the gas manufactured by waste materials.

Heating Method of Medical Waste

With the help of this principle you are able to kill the hazardous chemicals under the right high atmosphere. However, with applying this method in medical waste treatment you can also mitigate the pathogens. Let’s cut up the heat method into different climatic weather.


Medical waste management is a very critical situation that should be reduced quickly. These are some method that can be implemented to mitigate the danger that is created by medical waste.

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