Why people use a Valorant Boosting Website

Why people use a Valorant Boosting Website

When Quake was released more than twenty years ago, it was considered to be a revolution in the multiplayer genre. Ten years later, MMORPG’s started to dominate the industry. Fast forward to another ten years to the present day and battle royales and first-person shooters are the genres that dominate the market.

Among the games to be part of the FPS wave is the new free to play game Valorant. One of the most common methods of getting better in valorant is by visiting a Valorant Boosting Website. You can also increase your rank using rocket league boosting service inside the game as well.

What’s Valorant about?

Valorant was developed by riot games, the company known for the super hit MOBA genre video game called League of Legends. The game was launched in April and was in beta till June. It takes inspiration from other first-person shooters such as Counter-Strike.

The game consists of 24 rounds each divided into two halves, attack and defense. Attackers have to plant a spike, which is similar to the bomb in counter strike. Defenders will have to neutralize the threat of attackers at either of the bomb sites.

There are ten agents in the game and each agent has its pros and cons. Once you select an agent at the start of the match you cannot undo it.

As of September 8th, 2020, there are four main game modes in Valorant:


A highly intense game mode where players climb up the down ladder with wins or losses. The rankings system states at Iron and goes all the way to Radiant, the final rank. The first team to reach 13 wins will win the game.

If the score is tied at 12-12, overtime will be played and the teams need to win by a difference of two rounds to come out on top. (For example: 14-12, 16-14 etc).

There is also an option to draw the match if the game isn’t getting decide in overtime. Players are also given the option to surrender. A surrender vote can be done only once per half and all the teammates must vote yes for the surrender effect to take place.

To get assigned a rank, one must play five matches unranked in Valorant. The game will pit you against players of both higher and lower level ranks and analyze both your performance.

Based on that you’ll be assigned a rank. Each season of valorant is divided into a number of acts and your rank will reset with the start of every act and give you the chance to start fresh.

In competitive your performance is determined by several factors mainly how many kills you take, how many times you plant or decide, and how well you manage your money.

At the end of every match, you’ll be able to see if your rating has increased or decreased. Lose too many matches and you can see your ranking plummet. Most players in Valorant are ranked iron, silver, or bronze which are the three lowest ranks in the game.

Normally rank boosting can be done by giving your account to a friend and asking them to play. However, you can also approach a Valorant Boosting Website and pay professional valorant players to get your rank up. This can be done if you are desperate to increase your rank.


Unrated is a game mode that is pretty much the same as competitive minus the ranking system. It’s designed to help new players get accustomed to the game mechanics. Veterans can also chill out and try different styles in this casual mode. There is no overtime so the first player to reach 13 wins will win the game outright.

Deathmatch and Spike Rush:

These are two modes that are very much condensed versions of the game. In the spike rush, all players will be granted the spike as opposed to anyone player taking the spike. The buy option is also removed meaning you will be granted a new weapon every round. This creates fun and unpredictable situations.

Deathmatch lasts for six minutes and all operator abilities are disabled. This is mainly designed to perfect your aiming skills. You can buy weapons at any time. It is not team-based so the player with the highest number of kills will win the game.

To wrap it up, Valorant is one of the hottest shooters on the market right now. It’s low specification requirements and it being free to play mean that it is accessible to a lot of people. If you want to flaunt off your rank to your friends or if you just want a higher rank, a Valorant Boosting Website will certainly help.

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